Considering the demographics of our corner of God’s world. We find that many people are actively looking for a good church; housing, crime prevention and lack of food are strongly felt needs; unbaptized children, language diversity (especially Spanish) and low education levels are major challenges.



  • Spreading the Gospel
  • Loving and Caring for all of God’s people, especially those in our community
  • Educating children and adults
  • Unity


 “Living into It” 
As we have studied our selves, considered our calling and giftedness, it has become apparent that we need to focus our attention and efforts on being and doing, rather than talking about God’s mission for us. Therefore, we seek to:

  1. Develop intentional, community focused monthly mission activities/projects
  2. Interview community leaders to ask how OSL might help meet community needs
  3. Consistently hold up the matter of actively engaging in community missions



  • By-law revision for greater missional effectiveness
  • Neighborhood Association Task Force
  • Back-yard Gardening Project Task Force
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Life Skills Seminars