God has shown Himself to us since our beginning in 1927.  We remember people like Pastor Meyer, Mrs. Datesman, Bob Zecher and Pastor Kimberly. We recall the building of the school and the new church, worshipping overflow crowds at the old church, music programs, and hurricanes. We are able to see His hand guiding, blessing and even protecting through prosperity and adversity, including the destruction of our sanctuary by Hurricane Wilma in 2006.

Our timeline divides into four chapters:

1927-1950     “ShipBuilding”
1951-1990     “Anchors Aweigh”
1991-2005     “Sinking Ship”
2005-Present     “Dry Dock”


Lessons Learned

When the church began, we discovered that sharing God’s love builds churches. In retrospect, we also experienced that we need faith and hope in the future. Both were in ample supply during the early years of Our Savior Lutheran Church. As the church grew we learned how God had blessed us with our strategically located property next to Lake Worth High School and at the entrance to downtownLake Worth. We prospered with God’s blessings and a “shepherd” type of pastoral leadership.

Unfortunately, Our Savior Lutheran Church also experienced a dramatic and devastating decline. Through a series of bitter lessons we learned that stubbornness and a CEO style of leadership do not work well for us. Worse yet, we learned how deadly disunity and quarreling can be to a church.

In Dry Dock four lessons help chart our future course:

  • We need a plan and vision which is Christ-centered
  • We need a faith-oriented ministry
  • We have a great mission field and a bright hope for the future
  • Our current property has significant, untapped potential.