Florida-Georgia LCMS District Convention

Pastor Wipperman and Bill Simms attended the Flordia-Georgia LCMS District Convention on behalf of Our Savior Lutheran Church. The Convention was June 12-14 in Orlando.

We experienced a powerful, uplifting and mission focused gathering of pastors and people from the two state area. Our District is strongly committed to connecting people to Jesus! Bill wants to share his thoughts with you at church soon. I believe that you will enjoy hearing his perspective.

Here is a link to the Lutheran Life Convention Issue: (click here)

See if you can findsome friendly faces in the photos!


To keep this all fresh, the District has made the Convention video available on YouTube. Please feel free to take a look yourself and pass this link around to anyone you think might like to see it. We will be showing it at church on July 19th before and after the service. The video is 22 minutes long, so we will start it at 9:00 and replay it 5 minutes after worship concludes.

(click here)