A Poem by a Family Promise Client

A struggling family, running low on hope

hanging by a thread, trying to cope.

So much stress, our lives a mess

Wondering….. “How are we going to get out of this?”

Time’s running out, we’re losing our home,

Where we’ll go next is sadly unknown.

All too quick, that day came upon us

But by the grace of God

We found Family Promise.


Shara (FP family member), March 2013


Our next “Family” week begins April 21st and as always, we can use volunteers.  We will be selling the “Cards for a Change” cards throughout the month of April and they will be available after services. The cost is $30 for 30 cards and Family Promise receives $13 for every box sold!



Once again, Family Promise would like to thank the
OSL congregation for hosting a family and making
the week a success. Thanks to all those who
volunteered their time and efforts. You are always
Also, a thanks to everyone who made pledges to the
“Birdies for Children” Fundraiser that offered
donors a chance to choose Family Promise as their
charity of choice.

Family Promise Hosting

If you would like to volunteer, please sign up after
worshipwith Sandy or Debbie.

Family Promise Benefit


This is a fun way to show your support of Family Promise and have the chance at winning a new 2013 Honda!  Guess the number of birdies made at this year’s Honda Classic (Feb. 25 – Mar . 3). There are donation forms on the table in the CAC Lobby. You may also log on to the website at www.hondaclassic.com/birdiesfor children .  Make sure to designate Family Promise as the charity you are helping.  Your pledge forms must be received no later than Wednesday, Feb. 27th

Family Promise Week



If you would like to volunteer, please sign up after worship with Sandy or Debbie.


Family Promise Update

We received the following from Family Promise. Please consider if you may be able to help in some way. The current Family Promise guests are looking for jobs related to the following: Dental Assistant, Property Management, Customer Service. For more information including resumes, contact Charla Reece. Her contact information is in the signature closing below.

Good Morning,

With an upcoming family graduating, I want to take a moment to provide an update on all of our families, mention some current needs of the families, and to thank everyone for the many different and special ways support is provided to our families which helps them rapidly regain their dignity and accomplish their goals of employment and independence!

Mitchell, Marianne and their children Raymond, Ross and Reina are excited about their upcoming transition from Family Promise and their graduation on this Sunday, 11/18/2012, from 1:00 – 3:00.  Although they are graduating, they are looking forward to continuing their relationship with Family Promise through the Mentoring Program (Tracy Lenehan is our Mentoring Program Coordinator and a family mentor has been assigned).   It is wonderful to see the excitement in the faces of this family as they are diligently trying to be in their new place by this Thursday evening.  Tracy Lenehan has been coordinating the family’s Wish List and she has had an overwhelming response from our Family Promise Coordinator’s and Friends to make sure the family has their basic furniture and other housekeeping needs met.  There is still a need for bunk beds and Tracy will be sending out an update of the items still needed.

Velkis and her son Robert, age 15.  Velkis and Robert entered the Program on 10/4/2012 and the family has been making great strides towards accomplishing their family goals.  Velkis has a background in Property Leasing Management and has a potential job prospect.  Robert, will turn 16 on Thanksgiving day and was offered a job as a Sales Associate with Hollister the day after he turns 16 next week!!!  No, we do not encourage our teens to work, but Robert was actually approached by a Hollister recruiter while walking the mall with one of our congregations’ Youth Group!  Robert is a  junior in high school and plans to attend Duke University and become a heart surgeon.  Velkis’ resume will be sent out in a separate e-mail as she is continuing to search for employment until she obtains a permanent position.

Our newest family as of 10/31/2012, is Nardine and her daughter, Jasmine, age 10.    This family, in the Program for a week and a half, is already making great strides in accomplishing their family goals.  “Nadine” has experience as a Dental Assistant and is interested in medical office employment or customer service.  Her resume will be sent out in a separate e-mail as well.


There are a few transportation challenges facing these families and Family Promise at this time as follows:

  1. The School District has not been able to arrange bus transportation for Jasmine, age 10, after almost two weeks of trying.  Jasmine attends Washington Elementary School, 1709 W 30th St Riviera Beach, FL 33404 (located off of Congress Avenue just north of Blue Heron Blvd in Riviera Beach).  She is in need of transportation from our host churches to school where she currently is arriving by 7:15 am and she needs to be picked up from an after school care program prior to 5:30 pm.  On weeks where there are no showers at the host congregation, she will need to be picked up from the Life Span Child Development Center (on Congress just south of Blue Heron Blvd) and transported to the Day Center by approximately 4:00 pm.  If there are showers at the host congregation, Jasmine will need to be picked up prior to 5:30 pm (exact time to be discussed) and transported to the host congregation.
  2. Jasmine is currently being tutored on Saturday mornings from 9 am – noon at Washington Elementary School and needs transportation from the host congregations to Washington Elementary school and picked-up at noon and returned to either the host congregation and, on occasion, the Day Center (to be discussed).  I have been in contact with the school to determine if our current tutor volunteers can provide the tutoring for Jasmine and the Assistant Principal will be getting back with me. In the meantime, we will continue to provide transportation on the Saturday’s if at all possible.
  3. Robert attends Palm Beach Central High School at Lyons Road and Forest Hill Boulevard and he is released at 2:45 pm and is involved with a Track Team which meets from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We are looking for volunteers on the south side, as a preference, or multiple people who are willing to provide transportation for Robert relating to these times and options:  a) picking him up from school and taking him to the Wellington Library, 1951 Royal Fern Drive, Wellington, FL 33414; b) picking him up from the  library and taking him to Emerald Cove Middle School, 9950 Stribling Way, Wellington, FL 33414 (located south of the Wellington Mall off of 441); c) transporting Robert to the hosting church locations each week.

Anyone who is interested in providing the transportation for our children when the parent is not present will need a criminal background check.  Please give me a call to further discuss.

Thank you, again, for all of your on-going support to our families and their children.  You really do make a difference!


Charla Reece

Charla Reece, Family Service Coordinator

Family Promise of North/Central Palm Beach County, Inc.

1003 Allendale Road

West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

561.318.8864 – Telephone

561.318.8867 – Facsimile


Family Promise Fund Raising

We would like to encourage everyone to contribute to the following:

  • Club 360 is an ongoing fundraiser for Family Promise. This is where you contribute $360/year to Family Promise.
  • Houses for Change is a box in which to put your loose change. It has been decorated as a small house and sits on the table in the lobby. This is also ongoing.
  • Cards for a Cause are two sets of 30 cards each, with each set costing $30. Family Promise receives $13 for each set sold. This is being done once in the spring and once in the fall.

Thankyou from Family Promise

“One of the Family Promise clients, Rose St. Juste, Bebe’s wife, recently started a new security job  which was offered to her by Seppo Palokas, a member of the OSL congregation.   Your congregation has done a phenomenal job supporting our clients and we are so grateful to you all for your support.  Thank you again for all of your support.  You are a real blessing to this program.”  —  Tracy Lowrey, Family Promise

Family Promise Week

Family promise week begins 11/11.  OSL will be hosting so once again we will need volunteers.  If you can help, there is a sign-up sheet in the CAC lobby